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Hi-Tech Aerospace Components Plant List

Wire EDM Machines
2 X Sodick AQ535L Wire machine AWT (X550 Y350 Z310)
1 X Sodick AQ600L Wire machine AWT (X600 Y450 Z300)
1 X Sodick AQ600L Premium machine Wire machine AWT (X600 Y450 Z300)
2 X Sodick A320D Wire machine AWT (X300 Y250 Z180)
1 X Sodick A325 Wire machine AWT (X300 XY250 Z180)
1 X Sodick AQ300L Linear wire machine AWT (X300 XY200 Z200)
Machines are supported by off line programme capabilities enabling the formation of complex shapes.


Sink EDM Machines
1 X Agie / Charmilles FORM 30
7 X Agie / Charmilles SP’1’ Actspark CNC Sink
1 X ONA CNC Sink with 5 Tool station changer &‘C Axis
2 X Non CNC Sink machines Part PLC controlled for large components


EDM Fast Hole Drill Machines
2 X Charmilles CNC Fast Hole Drill for small continuous hole work
1 X KTC Fast Hole Drill for angled holes
1 X Top EDM Fast Hole Drill Deep drilling to 350 mm


Milling /Turning Machines
2 X HAAS CNC Machine Centre
3 X HAAS Rotary Tables
1 X HAAS CNC Lathe
1 X HURCO VMX30M Machine Centre
1 X NIKKEN Rotary Table complete with Erowa Tooling


JOHANSSON CNC-CMM (Metro log 3D CAD Software)
MITUTOYO Shadow Graph With Quadra Check
Full Inspection Facilities with FAIR



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• About us •

No matter how small or large your job, Hi-Tech Aerospace Components are here to help. We are happy with whichever approach works best for you. If you already know your requirements, give us a call and we'll discuss how we can help. If you need advice or assistance, one of our consultants will visit you on-site to discuss your requirements and suggest the most efficient and cost-effective solution. 

All of our engineers have many years of experience and undergo extensive in-house training to ensure we maintain the high-quality expectations that Hi-Tech Aerospace Components have built our reputation upon. Every part that leaves our factory endures our stringent quality inspection process that has become renowned by some of our most prestigious clients. 


For over 40 years we have supplied components to a variety of precision-critical sectors. With a fleet of modern machinery from manufacturers including Sodick, HAAS and Hurco, Hi-Tech Aerospace Components have the capabilities and quality standards to produce parts to your exact requirements.


Complete service to the Aerospace industry including high volume small holes, strip seal slots and swurler plates

F1 Racing

Precision components including drive shafts, crank shafts and conrods for the F1 and racing industry

Oil & Gas

Critical components manufactured for high precision and high tolerance use with oil and gas


Dedicated facilities for the design and creation of high precision tooling


Bespoke machining capabilities on demand with CAD availability to your exact specification

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